Mosquito Suppression

Infinite Pest Solutions believes you should not have to live with mosquito issues. Your back yard and property is a haven, it should be relaxing to walk outside, not swat away at pests! We’ll eliminate your mosquito issues which are a real problem Florida.

Don’t let mosquitoes control your outdoor family fun and social events. Mosquitoes carry diseases that can affect us and our four legged friends.

These guys love to suck blood and can carry diseases, it’s best to make sure you have a mosquito suppression plan for long-term prevention.

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Covered Pests


How It Works

We talk to you to gain insight, We inspect around the house for pest evidence, Look for ways the pests gain access to your home, and Look for conducive conditions for pests.

Best of all, it leaves no odors!

Treatment Options

  • Interior and Exterior Inspection
  • Liquid Treatment around the foundation and windows and doors

Available Programs

  • One Time MosquitoTreatment
  • Weekly Mosquito Treatments
  • Bi-Weekly Mosquito Treatments
  • Monthly Mosquito Treatments


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